SR20 HMS is an adjustable dumbbell. The set includes a bar, 10 plates and a stand. The device is an ideal solution for people exercising at home, but it will also work well in a gym, replacing the entire stand of traditional dumbbells. An innovative system of plate mount ensures a very fast and easy replacement of the load during training. Contrary to traditional dumbbells dismounting and mounting of the plates does not require unscrewing the clamps and mounting and dismounting the plates every time. When it comes about SR20, simply place the dumbbell on the stand and set the desired load with two knobs. When the bar is raised again, the plates will be placed on it acc. to desired setting. The product is made of the best quality materials. A big advantage of SR20 HMS is its ergonomic handle covered with an anti-slip material. HMS adjustable dumbbells are an innovative solution for strength sport enthusiasts – 10 plates enable a user to adjust the load individually, depending on needs of the user.


  • Material: steel, ABS, PP
  • Weight:
    • Load adjustment range: 2,3 – 20 kg
    • Total weight: 22 kg)
  • Dumbbell dimensions:
    • Lenght: 35 cm
    • grip lenght: 10 cm
    • plate diameter: 20,5 cm
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 40 cm
    • Width: 23,5 cm
    • Height: 7 cm