SR80 HMS is an adjustable barbell. The set includes a bar, 10 plates and the base. The product is a perfect solution for people who exercise at home but it will work well at a training gym, replacing a whole stand with traditional dumbbells.

The use of innovative system for plate mounting enables very quick and easy changes of the weights during workout. In contrast to traditional dumbbells, the removal and fixing of the plates does not require each time tightening of the clamps and pulling on and off the plates. With SR80 it is enough to place the barbell on the base and set a required load with the use of two knobs. When the barbell is raised from the base, the plates matching the required setting will be fixed to it.

The product is made of premium materials. A big advantage of SR80 is the barbell grip which comes with ergonomic design covered with anti-slip material. Adjustable barbell by HMS are an innovative solution for all fans of strength disciplines – 10 plates enable free adjustment of the load according to the user’s needs.


  • Material: iron, PP
  • Weight:
    • weight adjustment range: 3.9 – 37.4 (kg)
    • base: 2.6 kg
    • barbell: 37.4 kg
    • total: 40 kg
  • Dimensions (barbell):
    • length: 45.5 cm
    • grip length: 12.5 cm
    • plate diametre: 17 – 24 cm
  • Base dimensions:
    • length: 43 cm
    • width: 24 cm
    • height: 11.5 cm