Olympic Plates Bumper TOB 5/10/15/20 kg HMS are cast iron weights covered with colored rubber. Their main advantages are perfect mold, esthetic finish and special profile that prevents from their rotation on the bar.

Each plate is made from high quality materials. It is durable cast iron covered with special, thick rubber that absorbs shocks. That is why TOB weights don’t damage the floor. Special bulges on their edges facilitate their picking up or removing from the bar.

Weight and dimensions of each plate are calibrated. Inner diameters are fitted to the olympic bars. The precision of their manufacture guarantees stability of the weights during intensive workouts.

Olympic Plates TOB HMS are available in the following models:
TOB-5, TOB-10, TOB-15, TOB-20.


  • Material: cast iron covered with colored rubber
  • Inner diameter: 51 mm
  • Outer diameter: 450 mm
  • model / weight/ thickness:
    • TOB-5 / 5.0 kg / 27 mm
    • TOB-10 / 10 kg / 46 mm
    • TOB-15 / 15 kg / 61 mm
    • TOB-20 / 20 kg / 71 mm