DD03 HMS it’s a fitness exercise doorway made of high quality stainless steel coated with a shiny chrome surface. The product is perfect when there is no room for a home gym.

Large range of adjustment from 67,5 to 100 cm, will easily find a place on the door jamb. Special foam handles protects your hands from slipping. With screws attached to the set you easily install it in a door frame.

The thread ensures a stable position of the rod. It is further assisted by two sleeves with the screws. Training with DD03 will help you to strengthen and develop muscles. The rod will also work perfectly in the rehabilitation of the spine. The bar comes with resistance links that will enrich the workout with DD03 with many additional exercises. Thanks to this solution, we activate every muscle part and perform a full, comprehensive training.


  • Material:
    • Bar: iron
    • Coating: rubber
    • Handle: PVC foam
    • Links: TPE
  • Size: 5.7 x 67.5-100 cm
  • Links length: 60 – 175 cm
  • User weight that reduces training rope: 15 kg
  • Product weight: 1.7 kg