DD12 DD12 DD12


DD12 HMS PREMIUM is a multi-functional bar. Using it one can exercise most of the upper muscle groups. It works like a lever. Simply lock the bar within the door-frames. The foam grips assure comfort and they protect from corns. The safety units in the bar protect the door frame from damages. DD12 provides many grip configurations and it enables a user to do pull-ups and many other exercises as well. Due to the additional handles, which are similar to handrails, it is possible to make dips. Moreover, with bands it is possible to make pumps or other chest-oriented exercises.
The main purpose of DD12 is pull ups. Pulling up is a difficult, but also very silhouette-enhancing exercise. To do the pull up we engage the forearm muscles, biceps, abdominal muscles as a “stabilizer” and the entire group of back muscles starting from the latissimus dorsi muscle. Due to the additional handles on can exercise remaining upper body muscles.
DD12 HMS PREMIUM is a great home training solution.


  • Material: steel, terelene, PVC, NBR
  • Dimensions: 1000 x 1900 (with tapes) x 390 mm
  • Diameter: 30 mm
  • Max user weight: 200 kg