F4432 HMS

F4432 HMS

F4432 HMS – durable training straps that improve the grip are particularly beneficial with greater weights. The straps are made of thick, rugged fabric and have a neoprene lining arounf the wrist for extra comfort during the workout.

Straps F4432 HMS are ideal for dedlift as they reinforce the grip and cushion our wrists when lifting the weights. They will be appreciated by every bodybiulder who aims at better training results as well as increased workout safety.

HMS product will be also perfect for pulley exercises. It gives the user more freedom and confidence throughout the training routine. When used in this way, the device enables simultaneous improvement of your muscles mass, endurance and flexibility of the joints.


  • Material: nylon, neoprene
  • Dimenions:
    • Length: 580 mm
    • Wigth: 38 mm