FR01 HMS are overlays for bar, which will be useful for each type of exercise involving barbell or dumbbells. They will be perfect for both bench-over rowing, as well as deadlift.

The overlays force us to use much more forxe in the training, which makes us work mainly on our forearm muscles and improve girpl power. Their spherical shape means that, when installed on the barbell or dumbbells, the handpiece form becomes unnatural for us. This way we are forced to involve muscles that stabilise the grip, which entails maximum engagement and effective training of forearm muscles.

FR01 HMS will improve muscles work and make our workout more effective.

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  • Materiał: silikon
  • Średnica wewnętrzna: 29 mm
  • Średnica zewnętrzna: 70 mm
  • Opakowanie: 2 sztuki