HRX01 HMS is a professional tool that has a positive impact on your workout results, which helps to build up muscle mass and improve physical performance.

The hook make it possible to increase weight and facilitate training of your back and core muscles (e.g. pull ups, barbell row, pull downs, deadlift, etc.). They help to do extra reps when our grip cannot bear the weight any longer. By doing taht, they serve to develop muscle strength, mass and endurance.

The product is made of premium materials thanks to which it ensures safety of exercising. The hooks are adepted to heavy weights.


  • Material: neopren coated steel, nylon
  • Dimensions:
    • length (mm): 430
    • width (mm): 80
    • hook height (mm): 165
  • Buckle: hook and loop + elastic strap
  • Product weight (kg): 0.52