PW22 PW22 PW22


PW22 is a model of professional dip bars, designed to enable training under own body weight. Frequently used for CrossFit training.

The device enables various types of exercises such as push-ups, Swedish push-ups or standing on hands. The dip bars are perfect to make your training more varied irrespective of a sport discipline. In order to exercise one does not need any additional loads, since the body weight is the ‘resistance’. Because of no additional load the equipment is also good solution for the youngest sports lovers.
Additionally, the set includes special handles which can be installed on the dip bars. They enable additional exercises which, due to no stability during their duration, engage stabilizing and deep muscles much.

Regular training with PW22 perfectly improves the strength, endurance, motor coordination, it strengthens the postural muscles and improves the sense of balance.

PW22 is obligatory equipment for functional workouts.


  • Material: steel, PVC, terelene
  • Max user weight: 150 kg
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 90 cm
    • Width 83 cm
    • Height: 94 cm
  • Two handles included
  • Weight: 7 kg