RC1206 HMS

RC1206 cooling towel is the ideal solution for:

– athletes – to cool the body after a workout,

– children – to lower the temperature when it is hot, to protect the body from overheating,

– elderly people – thanks to a quick cooling down process due to the convection and evaporation compared to the natural thermal regulation mechanism, it is much easier to lower the temperature of people having slower metabolism,

– every person, who stays in an environment where the natural thermal regulation is insufficient.

How does a cooling down towel work?

A thin microfiber towel uses three mechanisms at the same time: conductivity, evaporation and convection.

– Stage 1: Collection of the thermal energy from the body. A towel soaked in cold or lukewarm water, due to the conduction mechanism, takes the heat away directly from the skin – the water contained in the towel heats up when it touches the body.

– Stage 2: Heat dissipation by convection. Due to the thinness of the fabric, the towel easily carries the hot water away from the body. On the surface, the water in the towel is cooled down by the air convection. This process takes place quickly thanks to the high porosity of the material – the greater the porosity, the more efficient the convection based cooling down process is.

– Stage 3: Evaporation. The water contained in a towel heated up by the temperature of a body evaporates naturally – the higher the temperature, the faster this process is. This process is much more efficient compared to the water evaporation directly from the skin area due to the much greater porosity of the towel, which extends the area of the evaporation.

– Additional effect – protection from the sun. The towel protects from UV rays without stopping the skin cooling down process.

Combined with a special cover that comes with a snap hook, the RC1206 is perfect for everyone.


  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Towel dimensions: 90 x 30 cm
  • Size od the cover: 13 x 8 cm