RWS3378 HMS bench press sleeves are also called a slingshot. Intended for bench presses on a horizontal bench. They fulfill a triple task. The first one is to assist during the press. Due to the sleeves the weight is much higher. It provides a beneficial effect on the development of the muscles and strength. It is also a great extension of a standard workout. The second task is to enforce the appropriate trajectory of arm motion during bench presses. It results in an appropriate motor habit, and the better technique converts into better results. The third task is to protect the elbow joint. When used they act as a cuff for the elbow joint.

Sleeves work well for weightlifting professionals as well as for less advanced users. They are made of durable material not causing any discomfort during use.

RWS3378 HMS is a great addition to the classic gym training.


  • Material: nylon
  • Avaiable size: M, L
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 510 / 650 mm
    • Width: 125 mm
    • Thickness: 3 mm
    • Width of sleeve: 140 – 180 / 175 -195 mm