The more equipment you have, the more difficult it becomes to store it properly. HMS stands will help you collect all accessories in one place. STR03 HMS PREMIUM is a steel stand for pulley accessories. A special arrangement of hangers will accommodate all accessories which we need for pulley workout. 6 spots for long grips which can be arranged like bars will help us organise and hang smaller grips. After hanging the equipment, we will easily find a specific grip because their arrangement on the stand is very clear. The stand base ensures great stability. STR03 will facilitate the use of accessories and ensure their proper organisation.


  • Material: steel
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 52 cm
    • Height: 121 cm
    • Width: 58 cm
  • 10 bars for hanging grips (including 4 L-shaped ones)
  • Distance between the bars:
    • Between the first from the top and the second bar: 29.5 cm
    • Between the second from the top and the third bar: 27.5 cm
    • Between the third from the top and the fourth bar: 25.5 cm
  • 6 spots for bars
  • Maximum permissible load: 300 kg
  • Product weight: 18 kg