The more equipment you have, the more difficult it becomes to store it properly. HMS stands will help you collect all accessories in one place. STR12 HMS PREMIUM is a steel stand for plates, dumbbells and bars. It has been designed to make putting down and picking up of equipment easy and intuitive. It will ensure comfort during exercise. STR12 is equipped with 4 grips for bars, 7 pins for weights (plates) and a top section for dumbbells, which means we will keep our equipment in perfect order. The top section for equipment comes with security elements on both sides to prevent the slippage of dumbbells and damping material which protects the stand. Its sturdy structure and high quality of manufacture ensure safety of users and the equipment.


  • Material: steel
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 46.5 cm
    • Width: 100 cm
    • Height: 95.5 cm
  • 4 grips for bars
  • 7 pins for weights (plates)
    • Pin diametre: 25 mm
    • Length of pins: 21 cm
  • Place for dumbbells
    • Length of the place for dumbbells: 91 cm
  • Maximum permissible load: 250 kg
  • Product weight: 17 kg