STR17 HMS PREMIUM is a steel two-piece Olympic bar stand. Well designed for squats, shoulder pressing or bench pressing. It fits every bench. Since there are two pieces it can be set out properly irrespective of preferred grip width. Adjustable height warrants that the stand can be adjusted to every user. Additional protections and a robust structure warrant safety of both, a user and the equipment.


  • Color: graphite
  • Material: steel
  • Purpose: two-piece squat stand
  • Dimensions:
    • length (mm): 755
    • width (mm): 590
    • height (mm): 1165-1815
  • Height adjustment of J-cup (mm): 1050-1700
  • Height adjustment of safety arms (mm): 480-930
  • Transport rollers or wheels: yes
  • Maximum total product load (kg): 300
  • Product weight (kg): 34