UW10 HMS is a double grip intended for high or low pulley training. It is intended for exercising back muscles. Its shape and handpiece positioning at a big angle enable maximum range of movement, which allows for maximum muscle tension. This makes our workout more effective.

Its structure ensures ideal alignment of the hand and enforces proper movement during exercise. Wide spacing enables exercising at angles alternative to the narrow grip, which creates a chance for a more effective workout and thorough development of the muscle group.

The product is made of top quality steel to enable training with big loads. Rough, steel handpiece prevents the equipment from slipping out of the hands, and at the same time it requires a stronger hold from us, which makes us work on the development of forearm muscles as well.

UW10 provides for easy and effective development of back muscles which are often believed to be one of the most important sections of the whole muscular system.


  • Material: chromed steel
  • Number of handles: 2
  • Handle spacing (mm): 530
  • Handle: knurled
  • Intended for:
    • high pulley
    • low pulley

Technical data

  • Hand grip length (mm): 140
  • Hand grip diameter (mm): 25
  • Dimensions:
    • length (mm): 163
    • width (mm): 550
    • height (mm): 253
    • diameter (mm): 25
  • Fixing hole diameter (mm): 15