UW11 HMS is a grip intended for high or low pulley training. It is used mainly for exercise involving lats and when properly aligned, also for abdominals’ training. Inner handpieces enable biceps and triceps practice.

The grip shape provides for a wider scope of movement than a straight or narrow grip. This translates into a better tensioning of the muscle for a more effective workout. The product structure ensures correct positioning of the hand and enforces proper movement.

Wide spacing of handpieces makes it possible to exercise at a different angle than in the case of a narrow grip. This gives us a chance for an effective and thorough development of the muscle group. Steel construction enables training with a significant load.

Outer handpieces are aligned to ensure neutral grip. Thanks to it, the exercise involves muscle insertions alternative to the workout with straight grip. Rubberised handpieces ensure secure, comfortable grip so that we can focus on workout precision.

UW11 HMS will easily and effectively improve back muscles, as well as smaller muscle sections.


  • Material: chromed steel
  • Number of handles: 4
  • Handle spacing (mm): 260, 340
  • Handle: rubber coated
  • Intended for:
    • high pulley
    • low pulley

Technical data

  • Hand grip length (mm): 110, 150
  • Hand grip diameter (mm): 32
  • Dimensions:
    • length (mm): 214
    • width (mm): 345
    • height (mm): 210
    • diameter (mm): 25
  • Fixing hole diameter (mm): 15