UWC31 HMS is a double grip intended for high or low pulley training, or for fixing training bands. It can be used for a wide range of exercise of various muscle sections in the upper body, starting from small muscle groups such as the biceps an triceps, through deltoid muscles, to back and chest muscles.

Foam handpieces ensure comfortable exercise and protect hands from blisters. Additionally, a soft handpiece means that we automatically tighten our hold, engaging forearm muscles in the exercise. High quality straps used to fix the grips to the pulley enable training with significant load.

UWC31 will be ideal for development of your muscles, as well as their stretching when used with training bands.


  • Material: NBR
  • Hand grip length (mm): 120
  • Hand grip diameter (mm): 35
  • Handle: foamed
  • Intended use:
    • high pulley
    • low pulley
    • training bands

Technical data

  • Dimensions:
    • length (mm): 45
    • width (mm): 135
    • height (mm): 210
  • Set contains: 2 pc.