ARES1 suwnica


ARES 1 HMS Semi Commercial is a multi-function device. It was designed for both, home use and small gyms and fitness clubs.

Its two pulleys, adjustable in terms of height, enable a user doing number of exercises for all muscle groups. Its ergonomic shape enables a comfortable workout area, regardless of whether you use one or both pulleys at once. If set up correctly, it can be used by two persons at the same time.

A very large number of configuration opportunities of the pulley and the equipment i.e. handles, which HMS provides, guarantee infinite training options. Moreover, ARES 1 is equipped with a pull up bar with many gripping configurations. It will complement training of the back muscles, but it also enables a user to do more exercises engaging the abdominal muscles. Two load stacks, 90 kg each one, warrant a great training, regardless of the proficiency level.

ARES 1 is made of the highest quality materials warranting the safety, stability and comfort during a workout. The device is very quiet and the linear bearings of the mechanism guarantee perfect smoothness. Its ergonomic shape enables a user to optimally choose the workout positions. The pulleys assure a natural move, which makes the exercise is even more smooth and natural.

ARES 1 HMS is a must-have of equipment in you your gym.


  • Dimensions of the product:
    • length: 1870 mm
    • width: 1200 mm
    • height: 2160 mm
  • Type of load: two stacks, 90kg each, adjustable every 6kg
  • Possibility to train on a bench
  • Max. user weight: 160 kg
  • Product weight: net: 315,5kg, gross: 322,5kg


  • Straight bar for two pulleys x 1
  • Curl bar for two pulleys x 1
  • Short straight bar x 1
  • Metal single handle x 2
  • Material single handle x 2
  • Triangle handle x 1
  • Double strap x 1
  • Single strap x 1
  • Ankle band x 1