Home gym Tytan 15 offers great workout opportunities. Combination of a home gym and a leg press machine, press, pull-up bar, dip bars and incline bench makes up a 6-in-1 machine, which enables a wide variety of exercises for each muscle section of our body.

Exercises engaging leg and buttocks muscles can be performed both on the leg press post, with the press (leg extension machine), as well as on the low pulleys with the use of ankle strap. Incline bench and bars provide for a complete abdominals’ training. Back muscles’ workout can be performed on the bar, high and low pulley as well as press arm (lats training), low pulley (spinal erector). We can exercise our chest using press arm, adjustable arms and the bars. Low pulley and adjustable arms can be used for deltoids’ exercise. High pulley and preacher curl pad will help us compete a perfect biceps’ training. However, triceps can be exercised using high pulley and bars.

Easy adjustment of arms and settings, as well as a change of grips allows for smooth training. The number of workout posts and two independent weight stacks enable parallel exercise by more than one person.

Tytan 15 will help you improve your stamina and develop muscle strength in your whole body.

The product comes with a set of exercises


  • Grips of the home gym:
    • Long straight bar
    • Short straight bar
    • Neutral grip bar
    • Triangular grip
    • Double neutral grip
    • Two single metal grips
    • Two sponge grips
    • Double rope grip
    • Single rope grip
    • Ankle strap
  • Adjustment:
    • Bench: 4 adjustment levels every 10 cm, extreme points from the ground: 47 cm and 77 cm
    • Leg press post, 6 adjustment levels, distance of the backrest from the press plate in extreme points: 66cm and 90cm, adjustment every 3cm
    • Home gym backrest with 8 adjustment levels every 2 cm
    • Home gym seat with 4 adjustment levels every 2.5 cm
    • Preacher curl pad with 8 adjustment levels every 2.5 cm
    • Adjusted arm with 7 adjustment levels every 2.5 cm
    • Press arm with 11 adjustment levels every 2.5 cm
    • Bar with 3 adjustment levels every 9.5 cm
  • Load:
    • Maximum load of leg press100 kg, adjustable every 6.8 kg + 4.5 kg end plate
    • Maximum load of high pulley 80 kg, adjustable every 6.8 kg + 4.5 kg end plate
    • Total weight of stock: 180 kg
    • Maximum user weight: 150kg

Specification cont.

  • Dimensions:
    • Home gym height: 248 cm
    • Width with the bench: 355 cm
    • Width without the bench: 300 cm
    • Length: 223 cm
    • Backrest of the leg press post: 61cm x 35cm
    • Seat of the leg press post: 31.5 cm x 37 cm
    • Pres plate 57cm x 40 cm
    • Home gym backrest: 58 cm x 34 cm
    • Home gym seat: 33 cm x 31cm
    • Spacing of press arm handpieces: neutral grip 61 cm, top grip 90 cm
    • Preacher curl pad: 33.5 cm x 45.5 cm
    • Incline bench: 109 cm x 28.5 cm
    • Backrest by bars: 36 cm x 30 cm
    • Armrests: 28 cm x 12 cm
    • Spacing of armrests in extreme points: 65.5 cm x 41.5 cm
    • Spacing of bars 62 cm
    • Spacing of handpieces in extreme points: 110.5 cm and 74 cm
    • Thickness of backrests and seats 5 cm
    • Thickness of preacher curl pad 5 cm, 8 cm on the wide section
  • Product weight:
    • Net: 423 kg
    • Gross: 438 kg