TYTAN 9 HMS TYTAN 9 HMS TYTAN 9 HMS TYTAN 9 TYTAN 9 HMS TYTAN 9 HMS TYTAN HMS TYTAN 9 HMS TYTAN 9 HMS Tytan 9 HMS to profesjonalny wielofunkcyjny przyrząd do ćwiczeń w warunkach domowych. Atlas umożliwia bezpieczne wykonywanie ćwiczeń różnych partii mięśni, tak jak w profesjonalnej siłowni. Jest to idealne rozwiązanie zarówno dla pań, jak i panów chcących poprawić ogólną kondycję, poprawić wygląd sylwetki, TYTAN 9 HMS TYTAN 9HMS


TYTAN 9 HMS is a professional fitness machine designed for home use. Its robust steel frame ensures excellent stability and safety of use. All handles are covered with non-slip rubber which guarantees a safe grip at any given time.

The home gym is equipped with a 3-position adjustable seat made of durable foam covered with a modern, long-lasting carbon-style upholstery, profiled to provide excellent stability of the body during workout.

With a wide range of exercise possibilities and safety of use, TYTAN 9 HMS can compete with specialty machines used at professional fitness centers. The braided wire rope has a safe working load (SWL) of 1000 kg. The bottom bar can be used for a rowing workout or serve as an additional barbell. The machine will be appreciated by both men and women aiming at improving fitness, achieving a toned physique and increasing muscle mass.

TYTAN 9 HMS targets all muscle groups: back muscles, upper and lower pectoral muscle, gluteal muscles, forearms, deltoids (shoulder muscles), biceps and triceps, as well as upper and lower leg muscles.


  • Solid steel frame: 60 × 15 mm
  • Braided wire rope capacity: 1000 kg
  • Dual bearing system
  • Additional weight stack cover
  • 3-position adjustable seat
  • Exercises:
    • seated bench press
    • butterfly apparatus
    • latissimus tower
    • leg developer
    • high pulley
    • preacher curl pad
    • multi-purpose bottom bar
  • Accessories:
    • single bracket


  • Assembled dimensions:
    • lenght: 1650 mm
    • width: 1180 mm
    • height: 2050 mm
  • Backrest dimensions:
    • lenght: 540 mm
    • width: 260 mm
    • height: 50 mm
  • Seat dimensions:
    • lenght: 330 mm
    • width: 300 mm
    • thickness: 50 mm
  • Weight stack: 67.5 kg
  • Product weight: 142 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 120 kg
  • Package dimensions and weights