Innovative, multifunctional weight set SGX 6 in 1 HMS. with two kettlebells.

A dumbbell with replaceable weights is a classics and, at the same time, a must have for every home gym. However, very frequently it turns out there comes a need for something more. Now it does not. We present SGZ220 set by HMS that is 6 in 1 set. Set contains:

  • 1 x Barbell
  • 2 x Dumbbells
  • 1 x Kettlebells
  • 2 x Push up bars
  • 1 x Triple grip dumbbells
  • 2 x Double grip dumbbells

Such a set has not been seen before.

High-quality material

The weights are made of top quality steel highly resistant to damage thanks to its appropriate elasticity and hardness. An additional protection is the rubber that surrounds each weight. This solution protects the weights from damage, but it also protects the floor, where the weight is put and in case of home gym it is very important. The rubber, apart from the protective function, also absorbs shocks and it has soundproofing function. On all of the handles there is an anti-slip material assuring a firm grip. Bar connector has a special sponge, which directly enhances comfort during workouts with the bar.

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  • Material: steel
  • Dimensions of the bar
    • Total length: 33,8 cm
    • Length of the grip part: 12,8 cm
    • Length of the place for weights: 10,5 cm
    • Diameter: 24 mm
    • Grip diameter: 34 mm
  • Dimensions of the coupling system:
    • Length: 40 cm
    • Diameter: 67 mm
  • Dimensions of kettlebell stand:
    • Length of the place for plates: 15,8 cm
    • Diameter: 24 mm


  • Dimensions of the push-up stands:
    • Handle length: 13 cm
    • Grip diameter: 25 mm
    • Stand height: 13,5 cm
  • Weights:
    • 1,25 kg – 12 x 2,5 cm (8 pcs)
    • 0,5 kg – 9,5 x 1,7 cm (4 pcs)
  • Weight of the bar: 1030 g
  • Weight of the coupling system: 912 g
  • Weight of kettlebell stand: 843 g
  • Weight of the clamp: 140 g
  • Total weight of the set: 16 kg


  • Not for the commercial use
  • 24 months warranty