Smith machine


The Smith machine is a device used to perform strength exercises with weights. Its origins date back to 1950s, when it was invented by Jack LaLanne - a well-known fitness and nutrition specialist. At the time he was looking for a more versatile barbell exercise formula compared to the traditional one. The solution turned out to be the device today called the Smith machine. Paradoxically, it took its name not from the name of its inventor, but from the person who enhanced and promoted it. This was Rudy Smith - a manager related with the sports industry and Jack's long-time friend.

Design and its advantages

Above all, the Smith machine is a truly versatile device combining advantages of free barbell and the multi-gym exercises. Freedom of choice of the body position, safety, full control of movements and comfort - these are effects of this alliance. The machine also relieves a user from the need for a third party to participate in the workout. However, nothing prevents you from exercising with a partner.

Comprehensive training

Modern models of the Smith machine are usually equipped with additional components. This means that when deciding to buy a machine we can get a device for comprehensive training of the entire body. The mechanism of the Smith machine offers a user a tremendous freedom - it enables to exercise both the upper and lower parts of the body. Combined with such devices as, for example, top pulley, bottom pulley, butterfly or ability to exercise with free weights, the Smith machine has no equal competitor in the field of strength equipment. It is an uncompromising device for those with a systematic approach to musculature.

Our offer

The design of the Smith machine brings completely new possibilities to the strength training. We offer several models of the machines which surely can revolutionize your training.

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