V Eco Cidry Cross is an event organized by the Cidry Lotajom Association from Radzionków. During the competition, participants competed in the half-marathon, 10 km run and two Nordic Walking distances: 5 and 10 km. During the event, everyone could take part in the warm-up and chilling zone organized by the HMS Fitness team.

The competition attracted nearly 300 runners and Nordic Walker from all over Poland. The profile of the route along the priestly paths was very demanding, and the heat, which troubled the competitors, certainly did not improve the situation.

The winners of the jubilee competition were:

For a distance of 10 km (running):

  • 1st place Rafał Kargól (Logtech Team Radzionków), time 39:57
  • 2nd place Maciek Rogowski (Srebrni Biegacze Tarnowskie Góry), time 40:28
  • 3rd place Artur Bożek (Nowak Team / Cidry Lotajom), time 40:54


  • 1st place Beata Adamczyk-Nowak (Miechowicka Grupa Biegowa), with time 46: 46
  • 2nd place Dominika Gola with a time of 50:05
  • 3rd place Justyna Hajda (Mafia Team Lubliniec) with time: 50:32

For a distance of 21 km (run):

  • First place Rafał Wachla (Toursport Running Team) with the time 1:28:33
  • 2nd place Tomasz Maślanka (TKKF Jastrząb Ruda Śląska) with the time 1:31:03
  • 3rd place Marek Grund (Mafia Team Lubliniec) with the time 1:36:27


  • 1st place Daria Niewiadomska with a time of 1:53:11
  • 2nd place Anna Sroczyńska with a time of 2:19:04
  • 3rd place Ilona Mrowiec with a time of 2:32:57

At the distance of 10 km (Nordic Walking):

  • 1st place Karol Stiller (Kabex Podkowa Janów) with time 1:02:47
  • 2nd place Krzysztof Wilczek (Cidry Lotajom) with the time 1:05:34
  • 3rd place Daniel Wojtasiński (Nordic Team Częstochowa) with the time 1:06:17


  • 1st place Joanna Kołodziej (Malinowe Gwiazdy) with the time 1:09:17
  • 2nd place Marta Wojtal (Cidry Lotajom) with the time 1:12:59
  • 3rd place Natalia Tomczyk (Cidry Lotajom) with the time 1:14:25

At a distance of 5 km (Nordic Walking):

  • 1st place Paweł Słupianek (Katowice Nordic Walking) with the time 31:21
  • 2nd place Jarosław Kabata (Nordic Sport 2021) with a time of 31:45
  • 3rd place Ryszard Kłyś with a time of 33:28


  • 1st place Dorota Stępień (Kijowe Lejdis) with a time of 35:14
  • 2nd place Magdalena Marędziak (Cidry Lotajom), time 35:55 ​​
  • 3rd place Irena Janoszka (Cidry Lotajom) with a time of 35:56

Congratulations to the winners and we wish them continued success on cross-country and Nordic routes!