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The pneumatic training gate from HMS is an absolute hit that will not only allow you to train almost all muscle parts, but will also look tasteful in your room. Exclusive design, high quality workmanship, height-adjustable steel cables and pneumatic load shifting will take you into a whole new dimension of exercise.

Innovative solutions

The wall-mounted pneumatic training gate is a device that uses compressed gas to generate resistance. It is easy to use, safe and robust. The BSP301 is an absolute phenomenon on the market that will appeal to those who appreciate multi-tasking and modern style. The BSP301 operates smoothly and lightly. The gate takes up just 20 cm from the wall, so you're sure to find space for it in your training space.

Load and steel cable adjustment

The BSP301 has a 10-step pneumatic load change from 5 to 30 kg (change in 2.5 kg increments), which will keep you comfortable and enhance your workout. You can easily change the load using the smart touch display. You can also adjust the height of the steel cable and in up to 28 levels! The handles are mounted on snap hooks, so you can change and adapt them to your needs. Combined cable tension means twice the resistance!

Monitor your workout

One of the biggest selling points of the training gate from HMS is its state-of-the-art touchscreen display, which shows many useful training parameters. It has been placed at just the right height so you can keep track of your workout in real time. The display shows the following parameters:

  • TIME - duration of workout
  • CAL - number of calories burnt
  • PULSE - current heart rate
  • MEAN POWER - user's average power
  • PEAK POWER - maximum user power
  • COUNT - number of repetitions
  • WEIGHT - load value

Exclusive design

The BSP301 is not only a functional piece of equipment, but also a beautiful interior decoration. The gate has an acrylic mirror, which gives it a modern and elegant look. The acrylic mirror is fashionable, durable, easy to maintain and also helps to control the correct technique when performing exercises. The weight training gate from HMS is a product that combines beauty and practicality.

Remember, you must attach the air gate with dowels to a solid concrete wall!


  • Adjustable load
    • Pneumatic load change
    • Adjustment 5-30 kg
    • Change every 2.5 kg
  • Handle change facility: yes
  • Number of handles included: 2
  • Stack weight: 30 kg
  • Touch screen display: yes
  • Number of training programmes: 4
  • Display parameters:
    • Time: yes
    • Calories: yes
    • Heart rate: yes
    • Average power: yes
    • Highest power: yes
    • Number of repetitions: yes
    • Load: yes
  • Single cable length: 150 cm
  • Double cord length: 300 cm
  • Length of lines of the whole set: 686 cm
  • Height adjustment of steel cables:
    • 28 levels
    • From 24 to 182 cm
  • Force transmission ratio:
    • 1:4 (as a standard, the weight of a stack during training is divided by four)
    • 1:2 (when you connect the snap hooks the weight of the stack during training is divided by four)
  • Gate size:
    • Width: 62 cm
    • Depth: 20 cm
    • Height: 197 cm
  • Materials: Steel + aluminium + Q235A + rubber + aluminium + acrylic + PVC + PU + PP
  • Pack size: 200 x 66 x 18.7 cm
  • Screen size:
    • Height 22 cm
    • Width 9 cm
  • Weight of product: 64.5 kg


  • Equipment intended for commercial use. Not suitable for therapy and rehabilitation
  • Class: SB
  • Warranty 24 months for domestic use
  • Warranty 12 months for commercial use


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